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The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers has completed its establishment procedure by the convening the First General Assembly on the date of December 18th 1954. The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers is one of the 23 constituent chambers of engineering of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects. The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers has become a wide spread organization, which is covering the whole country through it‘s 18 Brances, 50 Provincial and 33 Country Representative Offices, 21 Professional Auditing Offices and nearly 1500 Representatives in Industry and work places. The total number of chamber members has exceeded 62.000 in year 2005, which was only 902 in year 1954.

Establishment objectives The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers are stated below:
· Performing technical and scientific studies in order to have high utilization of the natural resources of the country in respect to the benefits of country and society, the increase of production and the development of national industry in the most appropriate way in compliance with the national interests; and letting it‘s members and industry to use and get benefit from these studies.
· Providing the technical responsibility of any research, study, project, and report preparation and application works in its area of profession, to be executed by expert mechanical engineers.
· Performing technical and scientific research studies on industry oriented research and development subjects like work and workers safety, Ergonomy, Environmental protection, Energy Production and Management, Calibration of Measurement and Testing Instruments and other similar subjects.
· Preparing all kinds of standard contracts, technical specifications documents and standards related to its area of profession.
· Helping the education and training of engineers, who own the required qualifications to meet the needs of the country; in co-operation with the institues, those are providing education and training on it‘s area of profession.

Executive Board:
-President Vice
-President General
-Secretary of Finance
-3 Members
Boards (Elected):
-Board of Honour
-Board of Auditors

All of the engineers, who have graduated from any faculty or department of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Management Engineering, Aircraft Engineering, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, legally authorized to perform their art and profession within the borders of Turkey, are entitled to the membership of Chamber Mechanical Engineers.
The Chamber membership of the workers of governmental establishments and organizations and Public Economic Enterprises is left to the preference of the individuals, in accordance with the 135 th article of the 1982 Constitutional Law. Chamber membership is a must for all other engineers, not included in this scope, in order to practice in this area of profession.
A committee discusses the applications of foreign engineers for chamber membership. The foreign engineers are granted a temporary membership, limited with their employment period in Turkey.

Periodicals of "Engineer and Machinery", "Industrial Engineering" and "H.V.A.C and Sanitary Engineering" are published and one of these periodicals is delivered to our members free of charge according to their preference. Subscription possibilities are available in case of any member of the Chamber also wants to buy other periodicals. Information on both of the professional & technical developments and chamber activities & policies are transferred to our members by means of these periodicals.

Engineers and Machinery
Industry, factory an plants originated articles of applications are also published in addition to the articles those are sent from the universities and scientific and research institutions; on this periodical, which is unique in its field in our country with 22.000 number of copies printed and 44 years of publication life. The qualities of the articles like inclusiveness of the latest technological developments and being readable by the majority of our members who are working in several different expertise fields are taken into account during the process of content determination. In accordance with our publication policy, the published articles are been evaluated by the expert umpires of the subject.

Period: Monthly
Number of Copies Printed: 22.000
Delivery: Members, subscribers, related departments of the universities, public establishments and governmental organizations.

Industrial Engineering
This periodical has been published since 1989 and it covers articles related with theoritical and practical applications of industrial and management engineering

Period: 3 Month
Number of Copies Printed: 3.000
Delivery: Members of industrial and management engineers, subscribers, related departments of the universities, public establishments and governmental organizations.

H.V.A.C. and Sanitary Engineering
This periodical has been published since March 1993 for our members working in HVAC and sanitary application. It covers technological develelopments about this area, sector news and Chamber facilities.

Period: 2 Month
Number of Copies Printed: 5.000
Delivery: Members, subscribers, related departments of the universities, public establishments and governmental organizations.

Since its foundation the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers have published 300 books about our profession areas for our members and students. Therefore our Chamber has become an important source of technical publications in Turkey.

Our Web Site (http://www.mmo.org.tr):
Our Chamber carries on studies about internet which is the most effective and rapid communication tool of nowadays for three years. The technical services and facilities carried out by our Chamber, Chamber Boards and Commissions, Chamber publications and books, and news related with the Chamber and our members can be reached from our web site.


· Licencing of engineering projects and consulting offices
· HVAC and Sanitary Engineers Professionnal Licence
· Automative Engineers Professionnal Licence
· Licencing of mechanical engineers working in design and production of elevators
*The validity of licences given by our Chamber is one year. All of the licences re-approved by our Chamber every year according to our regulations and rules.

Controlling Proffesional Activities Our Members
· Endorsment of HVAC, Sanitary, Natural Gas Projects
· Endorsment of Elevator Projects
· Endorsment of Motorized Vehicle Revision Projects

Controls and Measurements
· Periodic Controls of all kinds of compressed reservours and lifting devices
· Flue Gas and Pollutants Measurements of Plants and

· Gas Leakage Control of vehicles runnig with LPG

Since technology develops rapidly nowadays, engineers in production process must be re-new themselves according to these developments. This situation necessiates continous education for engineers. Our Chamber carry out this mission by giving courses to our members by means of Center of Profession Education founded in the structure of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers.
Courses Given by Center of Profession Education in Chamber of Mechanical Engineers
· Automotive Engineering
· Conversion of vehicles from gasoline to LPG
· Conversion of vehicles from gasoline to CNG
· Designing, Producing and Installing of Elevators
· Application and Design Projects of Natural Gas
· Application and Design Projects of LPG
· Swimming Pool Design
· Industrial Laundry Design
· Industrial Kitchen Design
· Heating, Sanitary and Heat Insulation
· Automatic Control
· Air-Conditioning
· Ventilating
· Refrigerating
· Fire engineering
· Heating Systems with Steam, Super-heated Water and Super-heated oil
· Pressurized air installations
· Refining installations
· Safety and Security of Working conditions
· Hydraulic and Pneumatic
· Welding
· Courses to engineers working at food ındustry


Name of the Activity and Secretary Branch

- Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects Industrial Convention Chamber Center
- Student Member Council Chamber Center
- Maintanence Technologies Convention and Exhibition Denizli
- Conveying Technologies Convention and Exhibition İstanbul
- National HVAC and Sanitary Convention and Exhibition İzmir
- National Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering Council Eskişehir
- National Industrial and Management Engineering Council Denizli
- Work Safety and Security Convention Adana
- National Welding Technologies Convention Kocaeli
- Machine Design and Production Technologies Convention Konya
- South East Anatolian Project and Industry ConventionDiyarbakır
- Iron-Steel Symposium Zonguldak
- National Hydraulic and Pneumatic Convention and Exhibiton İzmir/İstanbul
- Mechanical Engineering Education Symposium İstanbul
- National Metrology Convention Eskişehir
- Quality Symposium Bursa
- New and Renewable Energy Sources Symposium Kayseri
- Insulation and Energy Management Convention Eskişehir
- Natural Gas Convention Gaziantep
- Heating Science Technologies and Solar Energy Systems Symposium İçel
- Transportation and Traffic Convention Ankara
- Paper Industry Symposium Kocaeli
- Automotive and Spare-Industry Symposium Bursa
- LPG and CNG Applications Symposium İstanbul
- Civil Construction Machines Symposium İstanbul


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