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UCTEA Chamber of Mechanical Engineers is a professional association as a public institution which was established in the context of the constitution of Republic of Turkey in 1954. Chamber of Mechanical Engineers is one of the 24 constituent chambers of engineering of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects. Chamber of Mechanical Engineers has become a wide spread organization; covering the whole country through its 18 Branches, 56 Provincial and 43 County Representative Offices, 7 Professional Auditing Offices, Notified Body, Accredited Inspection Center, Accredited Experimentation Laboratory, Accredited Calibration Laboratory, Accredited Personnel Certification Center, Welding Training and Inspection Center, Institute of Profession Education and 5 Applied Training Centers.
The total number of chamber members has exceeded 130.000 in 2022, which were only 902 in 1954.


Establishment objectives The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers are stated below:

- To perform technical and scientific studies in order to have high utilization of the natural resources of the country for the benefits of country and society, to increase the production and the quality, to develop the national industry in the most appropriate way in compliance with the national interests; and to let its members and industry to use and get benefit from these studies.

- To prepare all kinds of standards, technical specifications and standard contracts related to its area of profession.

- To provide the preparation and application of all kinds of research, survey, project and reports in its area of profession and to ensure technical application responsibility is provided by expert mechanical engineers and to examine, control and approve the convenience to technical regulations of all of these.

- To help the education and training of engineers with required qualifications to meet the needs of country; in co-operation with the institutes which provide education and training on its area of profession.

- To keep "Specialist Register Files" which are based on professional and scientific studies of members and complementary trainings and to suggest specialist and expert witness to the demanding public institution or private firm or individuals, when needed.

- To publish technical book, newspaper and journal etc. about its area of profession, to follow the publications on that area and to put these publications to service of its members and the society, to co-operate with local or foreign establishments for publication, when necessary.

- To organize local and international conventions, conferences, symposiums, fairs, exhibitions etc. in order to make its members to be able to follow local and international developments and discussions, for professional issues to be addressed, the public to be informed and the policies about related topics to be created. To organize activities like courses, seminars, conversations etc. to contribute to the social and cultural development of its members.


All of the engineers who have graduated from any faculty or department of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Management Engineering, Aircraft Engineering, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, System Engineering, Production Engineering, Production Systems Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and Automotive Engineering, and also who are legally authorized to perform their profession and art within the borders of Turkey, are entitled to the membership of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers.

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, Article 135; it is optional to be a member or not for the individuals who work in public establishments and public economic enterprises. For all the engineers who are outside the scope, it is obligatory to be a member of the Chamber in order to practice in this area of profession.

The applications of foreign engineers to the Chamber are evaluated by a committee and their temporary memberships are granted, limited with their employment period in Turkey.

The Membership Card which is given to the registered members should be renewed every five years. The necessary documents for registration and membership card renewal are listed below:

1. Registration Terms for Turkish Citizens

- Copy of graduation certificate (confirmed by a notary or the Chamber)

- Copy of ID Card (confirmed by a notary or the Chamber)

- Four photographs

- Registration fee and dues

- Equivalency certificate taken from YÖK – The Council of Higher Education (for graduates from foreign schools)

2. Registration Terms for Foreign Engineers

- Registrations of foreign engineers are made under the specified conditions and documents in the context of related laws and regulations.


Chamber General Assembly : General Assembly convenes every two years. It is composed of delegates elected from Branch General Assembly and natural delegates (Previous members of UCTEA Executive Board, Honor Council, Supervisory Board and previous members of Chamber Executive Board, Chamber Honor Council and Chamber Supervisory Board). In the elections; the permanent and substitute members of Chamber Honor Council, Chamber Supervisory Board and Chamber Executive Board and permanent and substitute delegates of UCTEA General Assembly and three (3) candidates for UCTEA Executive Board, one (1) candidate for UCTEA Supervisory Board and one (1) candidate for Honor Council.

Chamber Executive Board : It is composed of fourteen (14) individuals including seven (7) permanent and seven (7) substitute members. It performs towards the realization of the chamber objectives.

Chamber Honor Council : It is composed of ten (10) individuals including five (5) permanent and five (5) substitute members. It makes the disciplinary proceedings about its members.

Chamber Supervisory Board : It is composed of thirty (30) individuals including fifteen (15) permanent and fifteen (15) substitute members. It keeps the chamber’s accounts and prepares reports related to these transactions by examining specific periods.

Chamber Advisory Board : It is composed of members of UCTEA, Chamber Executive Boards, Chamber Honor Councils, Chamber Supervisory Boards, Branch Executive Boards and Profession Branch Major Committees, the Chamber Specialization Committee members who are considered necessary by Chamber Executive Board and Chamber Manager. It examines the work of Chamber Head Office and branches, makes suggestions for improvements.


Expert committees are established in order to assist the work of the Chamber Executive Board. Committees are divided into two groups: Continuous and Periodical. Continuous Committees meet in each period in the context of their regulations; Periodical Committees meet certain periods of time according to Chamber Executive Board’s Work Programme. Depending on current developments and needs, new committees might be established.

1. Continuous Committees

Profession Branch Major Committees: They are established in order to strengthen the organization and cooperation among non-mechanical engineer members, conduct profession branch related studies, create knowledge and experience, improve profession branches and protect their benefits. The committees are:

· Industrial-Management Engineering Profession Branch Major Committees (EİM MEDAK)

· Aircraft-Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering Profession Branch Major Committees (UHUM MEDAK)

Publication Committees: They are established in order to create publication policies about periodicals published by the Chamber, determine publication plan and contents of the periodicals and make preliminary evaluation about submitted articles. The committees are:

· Engineers and Machinery Journal Publication Committee

· Industrial Engineering Journal Publication Committee

· HVAC and Sanitary Engineering Journal Publication Committee

Publication Planning and Coordinating Committee: It is established for planning and coordinating the publication activities of the Chamber.

2. Periodical Committees

The committees mentioned above are established to perform the Chamber works in accordance with the requirements for profession areas and member issues. Committees which are composed of experts suggested by the branches, prepare their programs on related areas. Some of them are:

Student Members Committee

Economic-Democratic Personnel Rights and Unemployment Committee

Occupational Safety Committee

AİTM (Vehicle Manufacture Modification and Assembly) Committee

HVAC and Sanitary Engineering Committee

Natural Gas Committee

Lift Committee

LPG-CNG Committee

Building Audit Committee

SMM (Independent Consulting Engineers) Committee


1. Certification / Document Approvals - Licensing

Independent Consulting Engineer Office Certificate / License

HVAC and Sanitary Expert Engineer Certificate / License

Engineer Certificates / Licenses

- Automotive Vehicle Project Design Engineer Certificate / License

- LPG Conversion Specialist Engineer Certificate / License

- CNG Conversion Specialist Engineer Certificate / License

- Lift Preliminary Project Design Engineer Certificate / License

- Lift Engineering Certificate / License

- Domestic Natural Gas Installation Engineer Certificate / License

- Ventilation Engineering Certificate / License

- Refrigeration Engineering Certificate / License

- Air Conditioning Engineering Certificate / License

- Pool Engineering Certificate / License

- Fire Engineering Certificate / License

- Automated Control Engineering Certificate / License

- LPG Installation Engineering Certificate / License

- Compressed Air Engineering Certificate / License

- Water Treatment Engineering Certificate / License

- Industrial Kitchen Design Engineer Certificate / License

- Industrial Laundry Design Engineer Certificate / License

- Superheated Water Engineer Certificate / License

- Steam Engineering Certificate / License

- Coal Gas Engineering Certificate / License

- Medical Gas Specialist Engineer Certificate / License

- Occupational Safety Engineer Certificate / License

- Strategic Planning Engineer Certificate / License

- Investment Management Engineer Certificate / License

- Expert Witness Engineer Certificate / License

- Construction Machines Instructor Engineer Certificate / License

- LPG Filling Stations and Autogas Stations Authorized Manager Certificate / License

- Food Packaging Authorized Manager Certificate / License

- Energy Manager Licenses (Building / Industrial)

- EKB (Energy Performance Certificate) Specialist License

- Construction Supervisor License

2. Expert Witness-Specialist and Technical Consultancy Services

3. Inspections-Measurement

Periodic Control of Pressure Vessels

- Steam Boiler

- Superheated Water Boiler

- Superheated Oil Boiler

- Heating Boiler

- Autoclave

- Pressure Vessel

- Air Tanks and Air Compressors

- Water Pumps

- Tank Container of Road Tanker

- Tank Container of Industrial Gases

- Tank Container of Liquefied Petroleum Gases

- Tank Container of Flammable, Explosive, Hazardous and Harmful Substances

Periodic Controls of Lifting Machines

- Crane

- Mobile Crane

- Chain Hoist

- Platform

- Electric Lift

- Hydraulic Lift

- Load and Service Lifts

- Forklift

- Vehicle Lift

- Pallet Jack

- Aerial Tramway (Cable Car), T-bar Lift, Gondola Lift

Technical Measurement and Analysis

- Flue Gas Emission and Dust Measurement

- Noise and Vibration Pollution Measurement

- Volatile Organic Compounds Sampling

Inspection and Tests of Gas Combustion Facilities

- Suitability of Facility Location

- Compatibility of Chimney Draft

- Suitability of Gas Consumption of Device

Leak Control of Underground Fuel Tanks

Authenticity Determination of Vehicle Identification Numbers of Motor Vehicles

Leak Control of LPG Vehicles

Calibration and Metrology Services

4. Professional Audit

Professional Audit of HVAC and Sanitary Projects

Professional Audit of Lift Projects

Professional Audit of Natural Gas Installation Projects

Professional Audit of Vehicle Projects (which are in the context of Vehicle Manufacture Modification and Assembly Regulation)


Technology necessitates continuous renewals of existing components in production processes, because of its high accelerated development. Continuing education is essential to achieve the accumulated knowledge immediately, share the experiences and use them in production processes. Taking into account the demands of its members, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers organizes courses through Institute of Profession Education in line with developing technology and the needs of society.

Courses offered by Institute of Profession Education:

- HVAC and Sanitary

- Natural Gas Indoor Installation

- Fire Installation

- Ventilation Installation

- Air Conditioning Installation

- Pool Installation

- Compressed Air Installation

- Superheated Water, Superheated Vapor and Steam Heating Systems

- Compressed Air Installation

- Water Treatment Installation

- LPG Installation

- Industrial Kitchen Design

- Industrial Laundry Design

- Automated Control Design

- Superheated Water, Superheated Vapor and Steam Heating Systems

- Lift Preliminary Design

- Lift

- Vehicle Project Design

- Conversion of LPG vehicles

- Conversion of CNG vehicles

- Strategic Planning

- Investment Management

- LPG Filling Stations and Autogas Stations Authorized Manager

- Occupational Safety

- Food Packaging Authorized Manager

- Expropriation Cases Expert Witness

- Occupational Accidents Expert Witness

- Fire, Natural Disaster Expert Witness

- Automotive, Traffic Accidents

- Machinery Valuation Expert Witness

- HVAC and Sanitary Expert Witness

- Construction Supervisor Seminar

- Building Energy Manager Training

- Industrial Energy Manager Training

- Energy Performance Certificate Specialist Training

In the context of "Energy Efficiency Law", the Chamber has started to train Energy Managers for industry and buildings with a "B Class Certificate of Authority" in 2009. By the decision taken on the meeting of Coordination of Energy Efficiency on December 22rd 2010; "A Class Certificate of Authority" was approved to be given to the Chamber. "Surveying and Design Project" courses are going to be started in order to raise the level of energy efficiency services sector and to help the sector in fulfilling the terms of the regulation.

Other Courses and Seminars;

- Seminars on Installations

- Seminars on Lifts

- Seminars on Vehicles

- Seminars on Manufacturing

- Seminars on Maintenance

- Seminars on Energy and Insulation

- Occupational Health and Safety Seminars

- Quality Standards and Management Seminars

- Production and Management Seminars

- Planning and Project Management Seminars

- Productivity and Process Management Seminars

- Supply Chain and Logistics Seminars

- Seminars on Cost and Finance

- Information Technology Seminars

- Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacturing Training Programs

- Metrology and Calibration Trainings

  • Pressure Calibration
  • Size Calibration
  • General Metrology and Calibration
  • Temperature Calibration
  • Balance Calibration

Courses for Operators and Technicians;

Courses for Authorized Personnel in LPG

Training of Technical Personnel in Use of Bulk LPG

Training of Assistant Personnel in Operation of Industrial Boilers

Training of Technical Personnel in Industrial Use of Natural Gas

Cooling Technician Training Course

Welding Courses for Technicians

Construction Machines Operator Training Course

Basic Hydraulics Training

Basic Pneumatics Training

Technical Drawing Training


UCTEA Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, in each period, organizes national congress, convention and symposium events about dozens of subjects on various profession areas all over the country with its organizational experience. In these activities; information is shared by various participants, recent scientific and technological developments are transferred, facts about the situations of occupation areas in the country are identified, problems are determined and solutions are suggested. Activities which are organized in each period and have become a tradition are as follows:

Elevator Symposium

Maintenance Technology Congress and Exhibition

Iron and Steel Congress

Industrial Management Engineering Congress

Industrial Engineering Spring Conferences

Energy Efficiency Congress

Solar Power Systems Symposium and Exhibition

Occupational Health and Safety Congress

Welding Technologies National Congress and Exhibition

Machine Design and Manufacturing Technologies Congress

Automotive and Manufacturing Technologies Symposium

Student Members Congress

Metrology Congress and Exhibition

Independent Consulting Engineers Services and Professional Audit Congress

National Hydraulic-Pneumatic Congress and Exhibition

National Air Conditioning Convention and Exhibition

National HVAC and Sanitary Engineering Conference, Fair and Exhibition

National Medical Devices Manufacturing Industry Conference and Exhibition

National Aircraft, Aerospace Engineering Conference

New and Renewable Energy Sources Symposium

UCTEA Industry Congress


The publication activities of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers are carried out in two categories which are periodicals and books.

1. Periodicals

"Engineer and Machinery", "Industrial Engineering" and "HVAC and Sanitary Engineering" journals are published periodically and all members get one of these three journals free of charge, in accordance with their preference. For the members who demand to get other periodicals, there are subscription options. Through periodicals, the members are informed of occupational – technical developments and activities, studies and policies of the Chamber. Articles in all periodicals are evaluated by expert referees in accordance with our publication policies.

Engineer and Machinery

Besides many articles which are sent from universities and scientific and research institutions, industry and factory originated articles are also published on this monthly periodical which is unique in Turkey in its field with 31.000 number of copies printed and 55 years of publication life. During the process of content determination, the qualities of the articles like inclusiveness of the latest technological developments and being readable by the majority of our members who work in several different expertise fields are taken into account. In accordance with our publication policy, published articles are evaluated by the expert umpires of the subject. This journal is ranked as "A" class publication category by various universities and appears in EBSCO database which is an international index.

Period : Monthly

Number of Printed Copies : 30.000

Delivery : Members, subscribers, related departments of the universities, public establishments and governmental organizations.

Industrial Engineering

This periodical, which has been published since 1989, covers Industrial and Management Engineering related articles and EİM-MEDAK (Industrial-Management Engineering Profession Branch Major Committees) news. This journal is ranked as "A" class publication category by various universities and appears in EBSCO database which is an international index and Engineering and Basic Sciences database formed by TÜBİTAK. (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)

Period : Quarterly

Number of Printed Copies : 5.000

Delivery : Members, subscribers, related departments of the universities, public establishments and governmental organizations.

HVAC and Sanitary Engineering

This periodical, which has been published since 1993 for the members who work in HVAC and Sanitary area, covers the articles on recent developments related to this area, news about this sector and news about the Chamber’s studies and announcements, therefore it provides the communication and the flow of information among mechanical engineers who work in this area.

Period : Bi-monthly

Number of Printed Copies : 5.000

Delivery : Members, subscribers, related departments of the universities, public establishments and governmental organizations.

The Chamber Bulletin and Branch Bulletins

The Chamber Bulletin is published monthly to announce acts and activities of the Chamber and to provide the communication within the organization. The bulletin consists of UCTEA activities, event news, meetings, publication activities, The Chamber’s comments and press releases, training announcements, legal studies, press activities and the Chamber’s Journal. The bulletin is accessible via the Chamber website.

Branch bulletins are published in order to inform the members about the activities of the Chamber, its branches and UCTEA and sent to all members free of charge.

2. Books

The books, whose number is over 600, are published to contribute the professional knowledge of members and most of these books are the first and/or only publication as reference source on their specific subjects.

3. Agenda

The agenda is published every year and distributed to members free of charge. Besides standard agenda information, it includes technical information that engineers might need at any time and is of the quality of a small catalog which provides an easy access to the companies operating in various sectors.

The Chamber Website

For many years, The Chamber has been carried on studies about the Internet, today’s most effective and rapid means of communication. The Chamber website is continuously updated and enriched with new sections. The opportunity to provide more comprehensive information to members is achieved through the e-archive and e-library on the website. It is possible to reach the information about many studies and activities of the Chamber through its very frequently and intensely visited website (www.mmo.org.tr) which serves as a news portal. As examples of the content, the website includes; principles and work programme of the Chamber, establishment of the Chamber, committees, activities, courses and trainings, technical services, books, bulletin, periodicals of Engineer and Machinery, Industrial Engineering and HVAC and Sanitary Engineering, branches of the Chamber, the Chamber’s comments, press releases, e-archive, library, study reports, legal studies.

The Chamber Library

There are over 2.500 occupational and technical books in the library where all Chamber publications and fundamental engineering sources are available. Members, students and anyone in need of technical knowledge can benefit from the Chamber library.